College Day 80 – Cake In A Mug

(November 5th, Thursday)

Today’s special experience:

My friend’s roommate had a great birthday but not as great as it could have been. So we planned a surprise “party” for her. Since she didn’t have any cake for her birthday, she really wanted some. So that was the idea, to make her cake. Their hall lost their visitor hours for two weeks so we had to prepare it in my room.

We handmade and microwaved the cake in a mug for her. Then we put in the candles (a bit too early) and they melted on the bottom because it was too hot. Anyway, this whole time my friend was trying to distract her by taking her out and eating dinner so that we’d have time to prepare.

When the time came, she entered the room and we turned on the lights and held out the cake in a mug (candle included). Yep, she was surprised and ate the cake even though it was a bit dry.

It made me think how precious the little things are in life. We can enjoy our lives so much more if we take these moments into account. Otherwise, we’ll be expecting the greatest out of every situation and inevitably be disappointed.


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