College Day 78 – A Major Change?

(November 3rd, Tuesday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I’m not sure if you can call it an intriguing thought, but all day I was thinking about my major. Psychology hit me hard and now I have thoughts about taking courses on either English Literature or Psychology. I honestly am considering changing my major to Psychology because of how it interests me.

There are so many diverse jobs within the field of Psychology and it doesn’t make me feel limited. With English Literature, I feel as if I am stuck between a few jobs. For example, I could be a teacher, or a desperate writer/publisher needing money and credibility, or do some freelance writing and editing, which is what I was focusing on anyway.

I don’t have a clear direction of where I want to go. What I do know is that if there is a subject that catches my eye and interests me, I am bound to, and should go that direction. I need to find a passion in something, and I know I may be “good” at writing, but I have an interest in people. Studying, observing, researching people and how they interact interests me deeply. That is the kind of stuff I write about. I don’t need to be an English Literature major to write about people. I can still write passionately while still majoring in Psychology.

Everything is available to me right now, that’s why I’m making considerations now because all I am taking are my general courses. This is the year I appreciate most yet I have to make the most out of it, utilize it well without letting it drift by.

Whatever I major in, I aim to please people more than myself. That is the ultimate goal for me, isn’t it? After being depressed for too long, I find pleasure in helping others because of my inability to answer my own basic, emotional, complicated troubles. And thank goodness I have friends to socialize with. I may be introverted but I sure cherish the presence of humans who may share my sentiments.


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