College Day 75 – Delicious Halloween

(October 31, Saturday)

Today’s special experience: 

It did not feel like halloween. I’m guessing either people were gone for the weekend or they were all partying elsewhere. On top of that, it was cold outside and not many people were walking around.

My high school friend invited me and some others to go to Chipotle for dinner, which I was actually excited about. The whole idea about going was that we would dress up in our costume to get 50% off our burrito or bowl at Chipotle. I, however, did not think to bring my mask, so I had to pay the full seven dollars… Live and learn, again.

I can’t complain though, I was with my friends and it had been a while since I went to Chipotle. We have a Qdoba on campus but it is not nearly as good as Chipotle. We had a great night just talking and having fun, making and meeting new friends.

It has been so much fun going out and being a part of new experiences and enjoying the simplicity of life. I remember clearly always just wanting to stay at home and not participate or go to any sort of event or party. Now I appreciate anything besides sitting at home so much more.


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