College Day 73 – Orchestra

(October 29, Thursday)

Today’s special experience: 

My musically talented roommate gave tickets to me and two of my other roommates to go to a concert he was in. This concert was a bit different because there was a professional orchestra that came to play with the choir. It was long but beautiful.

I’ve realized how much I have come to appreciate orchestra and choir music. It was great to just sit back, relax, and listen to the music. I dozed off a couple times, but was still subconsciously listening. I love to daydream that way because it’s like having a short, lucid dream that you’ll still remember since you’re half awake.

The concert gave me time to just think about certain situations in life and fill my mind with ideas, questions, and answers. I also could have been doing other things, but instead, I wanted to go to show support for my roommate.


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