College Day 72 – Surprise Quiz

(October 28, Wednesday)

Today’s lesson learned:

I might be doing well in my classes and getting good grades on quizzes, but I’m not studying enough. It’s like a repeat of high school, I do everything the day before. However in this case, we had a psychology quiz that I wasn’t aware of.

My professors explicitly tell us when we have a quiz this day, yet for some reason I did not hear word about a quiz. I did know we had one coming up, I just didn’t know when. Even though I worried so much when I realized we did have a quiz, I believe I did alright. We always have a quiz prep before we take the quiz, which helped me so much this day.

The lesson I’ve learned is that I should be studying all that I’ve learned even if I do not expect a quiz. It is better to constantly refresh memory of new, learned material so that questions will be easier to answer on the spot. I know this too well, it is just a matter of me actually putting in the effort.


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