College Day 69 – Relationships Part 3

(October 25, Sunday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I had a little talk with my two roommates about relationships. I was curious when you’re with a person you admire and love when will you know that you are “in a relationship” or can say we’re “boyfriend & girlfriend” or we’re “dating.”

Is it something that is unspoken until a certain moment in life where you confirm it with each other? Or do you make that known from day one?

Example: Let’s say I’ve been casually doing many fun things with a particular person for weeks or months… “Hey, would you like to get some dinner with me tonight?” Would that be considered a “date” or in the process of “dating?” What if someone asks, “Are you two dating?” Do you say, “Yes,” and even say, “This is my boyfriend/girlfriend”?

I’m just trying to find the line where you know it is a solid friendship or progressive relationship (assuming both people are interested in each other).

My roommates said that you just come to an agreement after going on dates for a certain amount of time. I could just be overanalyzing it, but I honestly don’t want to jump into a relationship and then three weeks later find out I shouldn’t be going on countless “dates” that could almost feel forced or expected.


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