College Day 67 – Fear Farm

(October 23, Friday)

Today’s special experience:

A few weeks ago my close friend from high school and her roommates invited me to go to a place called Fear Farm. This Fear Farm consists of a few haunted-like houses and walkways with scary actors and props. There was also the (apparently) biggest corn maze, which we ended up completing in 12 minutes!

They wanted to go in a group because with 10 or more people we would get a discount and a “fast pass,” which allowed us to pass other full lines (thank goodness). We did ask two girls to join us because two of our other group members couldn’t come and we really wanted the discount. They ended up going their own way once we paid.

That day, I kept talking about how afraid I thought I would be. I had remember a few years ago that I had gone through a haunted house with my old friends, their father, and my brother. I was so terrified that I had held onto my friend’s father’s back of his pants. I thought for sure this time I would be frightened.

The first haunted area we went in looked rather creepy, but I didn’t even get fazed by the actors trying to freak us out. Instead, I actually talked to the actors, asking them questions and making observations. Around one of the corners of the house there was a water fountain and another “scary” actor. I said to him, “Hey, if you’re thirsty there’s some water right there.” He responded back, “IT’S POISON.” Another actor was wearing a bird-like mask and was getting close to my group’s faces. I asked him, “Hey, what do I smell like?” He said something along the lines of, “LIKE DEATH.”

All my friends thought it was funny that I spoke to the actors and said funny things because it kept them happy and distracted from the spooky stuff around them. In fact, one of my friends had wanted to hold my hand as we went through each haunted area, so for the rest of the night I held her hand (aside from the corn maze).

We went to Cold Stone afterwards and all had a great time. As I arrived in my room, I knew it would be a night I’d never forget.

If you want to know more about the crazy stuff that happened just read below:

*A tall clown actor on stilts with a chainsaw in hand walks after us*
*The chainsaw gives off a bad smell when revved*
Me: “Hey it smelled good in here before you came!”

*A clown girl actor is slapping a beach noodle to make a really loud noise*
Me: “I really like your noodle!”
Me: “Oh yeah, noodle!”

*We approach a haunted shack and there is a bed with dead bodies on top and actors around*
Me: “Hey I’m coming back to this bed if I get tired.”

*A zombie-like actor makes gnarling noises in our faces*
Me: *makes a gross zombie-like noise back*
*Actor proceeds to compete with me*

*Me and one of my friends approach a haunted shack (we’re alone cause they split us)*
*An actors jumps down and scares him and my friend falls to the floor*
Actor: “HEHE, I scared him!”
Me: “Haha! Yeah you did!”

One of the last parts of the haunted area was a metal bridge walkway with a giant cylinder around it spinning in circles. It was bright with different shapes, patterns, and colors, but you couldn’t make it out because it was spinning too fast. I feel it spinning in my mind as I explain it here. As I walked across, I started too feel like I was falling over to my left, so I was holding on the side for dear life as I tried to walk straight. In reality nothing was forcing me to move, it was an illusion causing me to believe something was wrong. If I were to have closed my eyes I could’ve walked straight through. However, since your mind is telling you there are scary things and people ahead, you keep your eyes wide open. I will say, that was the scariest part of the whole night and I enjoyed it.


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