College Day 66 – Lip Sync

(October 22, Thursday)

Today’s special experience:

I was told by my friend about a “lip sync battle” at 8 o’ clock that night. We planned to go an hour early so that we could get seats. Good thing we did because the line was all the way out the arena and past the intramural field.

So when we arrived at our seats, my roommates and friends, we had to sit and wait an hour. It was bearable because they played popular music and had the camera videoing people dancing to songs. Closer to the end some guys started a dance off on the arena floor. They were break dancing, which was pretty awesome.

The lip sync battle contained a bunch of teams that choreographed their own dances and songs within their act. It only took a few teams before I knew which one caught my attention fully. The group was a couple guys dressed somewhat like cowboys with straw hats and red caps. I don’t remember their dance, but I know it was too funny and intriguing to deny casting my vote.

To be honest, I kind of wished I would have joined one of those groups, it looked so fun. Of course, I know it would take effort and time. I also know that I probably wouldn’t act very well because I don’t perform well in large crowds, especially in an arena full of people.

It was still a fantastic night, I will never forget it!


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