College Day 65 – Zumba Dancing

(October 21, Wednesday)

Today’s special experience:

Yes, there was a choreographed Zumba dance going on next to our dorms. My roommate had asked me if I wanted to go with him to check it out because his girlfriend was going as well.

We arrived a bit late because it had already started and there were people dancing. There was the one dancer everyone would mimic and then a whole load of girls (hardly any guys). So my roommate and I stood there nervously watching because of how awkward it looked and would be. His girlfriend was beckoning us over but we hesitated.

I was thinking, well, our other roommates and friends came to watch us try it, so there is no use just standing here and feeling bad. So I pushed my roommate along and we went right out on the grass to join them all.

I predicted that I wouldn’t be able to see the dancer, so following along was rather difficult. We laughed about it and tried our best, even though it was embarrassing. The experience was great, but I can’t say I’ll do it again.

In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter how I felt. As long as I have fun–which I guess I did because it was a new experience–it will be okay. Sometimes you just have to do what embarrasses you most just to get it out of your system.


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