College Day 64 – In Luck

(October 20, Tuesday)

Today’s special experience:

I wouldn’t say it was special, it was more unexpected yet anticipated. I was in my Sociology class and we had a mid-term practice exam. It was not on paper, it was a jeopardy game.

We were all divided into groups and rotated who would answer each question in a chosen topic. As there became fewer questions, there was one specific section of terms I was reviewing on my laptop before the question came to me.

It so happened that I would be the last one to answer the final question against four other contestants. The section I was previously reviewing was Deviance, and our professor told us that she would be choosing the section. I was dearly hoping she would pick the deviance section for 50 points.

She did end up picking that section and I felt nervous but prepared! At this point, no one had any points because each team was struggling getting the right answers.

The definition of the term had to deal with interdependence in groups. The other four contestants answered with “structural functionalism” because it technically relates. However, I answered with “social cohesion” because I knew it was from the deviance section. I knew it could not be wrong, I just felt I answered wrong because everyone chose the same answer except me. Nevertheless, it was the Social Cohesion Theory! I had answered it correctly.

My team was so proud of me that they nominated me again to answer the final question. We could wager points and I decided to only put in 10 so that we would end up with 40 if we didn’t answer it correctly. She let me convene with my team so that it would be a bit easier, but we didn’t get it right. But in the end, she gave us tickets that would count as extra credit towards our final exam.

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