College Day 63 – Passing Time

(October 19, Monday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

It was late at night and two of my roommates and I decided to have a little night time talk. I won’t give specifics but it is safe to assume that it was, you know, guy talk.

We talked about our past experiences and other personal situations and had some good laughs. Overall, though, we got closer and probably more comfortable with each other.

It made me think though, at some point I knew I would share my past, the personal side of life that I thought I would never share. When you get older you tend to reminisce or reflect on the past and it doesn’t matter much anymore. As I always say, our past develops us, so that is why as we grow older we each have our own interesting stories to listen to.

I guess that it is the best part about growing up.

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