College Day 59 – Relationships Part 2

(October 15, Thursday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I had similar thoughts again that night. I was lying out on the turf grass when my three college friends from high school came over to chat with me. Just like I asked my roommate the day before, I asked these girls what they thought about long distance relationships and relationships in general. They too believed to some extent that it would be difficult. In all honesty, it is subjective, either someone can handle it or they cannot. I am just having trouble knowing where I stand.

Since they have all had their share of relationships, I really wanted to hear their perspectives. I told them that since I have never been in a relationship before I would not know what to do or how to act. I would fight between believing I could not be in a relationship or believing that I am just the right guy for some lucky girl out there.

Over and over again I am told to be myself and to accept a girl who finds favor in who I subconsciously act as. It is difficult for me because I am torn between the weird/funny guy and serious/careful guy. Integrating all those characteristics is a lot harder than you might think.

Nevertheless, they all told me (after knowing me for eight years) that I would treat a girl right. It was just a matter of finding that special someone. As many girls out there that I find attractive both physically and emotionally, I still have trouble knowing what I want versus what I need in life and if that “need” happens to be a relationship.


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