College Day 57 – Adult Respect

(October 13, Tuesday)

Today’s special experience:

My roommate had a choir concert at 7pm. I knew I was not a fan of choir concerts in high school, but I went anyway without thinking. I thought about it again and realized that college and high school are so different when it comes to singing. Students in college are actually passionate about singing as opposed to high school students. This thought made me more comfortable.

I don’t know about you but I like to view myself as a respectful adult. I went with my roommates and other friends to show support for our one roommate’s concert. We sat on the left side fairly close to the bottom. Before intermission, my roommate and friend both were chatting, giggling, texting, or doing whatever on their phones. It got to the point where an older lady in front of us glared at them until they noticed. (After the concert we got word that two individuals were being disruptive)

Right before the second half, one of my roommate’s and his girlfriend and I had got some food for dinner. We went up higher on the bleachers to not make a lot of noise.

What I am trying to get at is that I really despise this kind of attitude my friend and roommate were enacting. This sort of attitude is so high school. I agree, I did not like high school choir concerts either. But guess what, this is college. My roommate is actually passionate about singing and I went to the concert to show my support and undivided attention without pulling out my phone. As annoyed and disappointed as I was, I still love my friend and roommate; their actions do not define who they are on the inside. They do mean well, and we all have our mistakes to learn from. Some of us just learn to mature quicker in specific situations and consider even the “little” things in life.


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