College Day 56 – Video Games

(October 12, Monday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

My roommate and I reminisced about our past and how we were addicted to video games. Since we were the “nerds” of the time, we knew the popular games back in our middle school years. These video games were not only our motivation for each day, they taught us some lessons and other various social skills.

Aside from all the time being “wasted” on online video games, we actually learned how to type, communicate, and learned new words. I could see my own vocabulary increasing and enjoyed interaction between alike minds.

I remember my father always pestering me about how playing video games is my “life.” He said it was all I ever did, all I will ever do. As I slowly got older, it was soon my mother who became worried about my time on the computer. I am not sure exactly what it was that made my father stop speaking about my addiction, maybe one day I was so angry that I just wanted him to stop.

Nevertheless, here I am, doing what I love most. Video games are no longer an addiction; they are just a mere distraction now. Even though I “wasted” valuable time playing these educational (or so I believe) games, I learned so much about people and who they truly are. These letters on our keyboards give us much more power and freedom in our words as opposed to speaking aloud. I learned that there are people out there who were like me, always afraid to tell the truth about depression without typing it out.


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