College Day 55 – Positivity, what?

(October 11, Sunday)

Today’s goal:

I finally finished my seven week online course. I felt so happy that I decided to set a goal for myself: stay positive this whole week. Well, then I found out that I have two essays due the next Sunday. Yep, I am so excited…

To be honest, I really have to start picking up the pace and do work ahead of time. I cannot keep leaving my papers for the last moment. I am given suggestions and help in class but I am either tired or trying to study for a quiz.

This week will be a week without excuses. The grades I get I will accept. I know my consequences if I do not give my full effort by managing my time efficiently. In fact, time management was one of the main topics that we talked about in our online course. I kept mentioning that I always procrastinated but would finish what needed to be done. However, I know that finishing homework early makes me feel so much better. I have said it so many times I feel like everyone already knows that about me.

Anyway, just a recap: College is going great. It is… everything I hoped for. I know I am far away from home but I enjoy this solitude and my strive for independence. BUT I actually can’t wait to see my parents in December. 🙂


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