College Day 54 – Finding a positive

(October 10, Saturday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I was invited to my friend’s roommate’s house for dinner and an interesting thought came to my attention. Assuming we grownups have learned our manners, especially when treated as a house guest, we each have our own ways of interacting depending on how we were raised.

I tend to be more relaxed, open, respectful, careful, and less verbose. I like to make sure I get to know my audience, or house owner, before I vividly, without caution, express who I really am. On the other hand, other individuals will be more outgoing or talkative in hopes to create a better environment. I do not mind this, in fact, I appreciate it.

That being said, after I got an idea of her parents’ characteristics, I loosened up. Of course, her being a rebellious teenager, often did not take the side of her parents (especially her mother). This was my opportunity to gain “brownie points,” as one might say. First you have to express your absolute gratitude in the dinner provided. Then you have to make mention that you can consider them as “mom” and “dad.” I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that is how you get the best out of them.

What I actually wanted to get at is that sometimes our parents can be given a negative connotation. When college comes around the corner, we want to flee as quickly as possible (some of us at least). It may be that you do not like your mother or father, but take into consideration that they raised you this far. This is your life and you cannot take back the moments that developed you into who you are today. My outlook on life is to find the positives in people and that is branching out towards parents as well. The child may see unlikeable qualities, but I might see a warm embrace that dearly cares for the heart of others.

I am not a parent, but I need to start bringing this to my attention when I finally head back home to see my parents.


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