College Day 52 – The Years

(October 8th, Thursday)

Today’s special experience:

I was invited to go downtown for my roommate’s birthday. We did not have anything specific in mind to do, we just wanted to go around. Slowly but surely we arrived at an ice cream restaurant and had some delicious deserts. We checked out a small, lonely toy store and danced around to the store’s music. All of the toys we were familiar with made us reminisce about our childhood.

Regardless, that was not what was special about our adventure. It came to my attention that after watching my roommate’s YouTube vlogs about his daily life, he had wished for the “time of his life,” something more. He made mention that he made some friends and a girl friend. His quiet, calm, yet mature persona made me wonder if college was really the thing for him. After only seven weeks of college I have started to notice a huge change in his character. He is more open, active, verbose, and satisfying to talk to. Something clicked in him and I believe that is friends. My roommate’s and I could not have someone more amazing like him.

Overall, I like to think that this year’s college experience turned out to be a positive time of his life. His birthday was the part where we could say, “We are happy that you are our friend, please be crazy with us, enjoy the absurdness of life!”


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