College Day 51 – Perspective

(October 7th, Wednesday)

Today’s intriguing thought:

I was invited to lunch by some of my psychology classmates. We ate Chik-fil-a and gradually came to a discussion about movies. Of course as we speak in turn we ask opinions on various movies. “Have you seen it?” “Did you like it?” “I heard it was good.”

Personally, I joy in hearing someone else’s opinion rather than spewing out my own bias. I may have a strong feeling and belief about a particular movie or subject, but since everyone has their own interpretations, I am eager to consider one’s opinion.

We eventually discussed a newer movie called “Everest.” I have not seen it but according to my classmate it was really fantastic and realistic. I recalled reading a documentary about a real climb on Mount Everest. The book was called “Into Thin Air.” That story, true story, caught my attention like none other. I originally was not excited to be reading a documentary, but the fact that it was an actual event that occurred made me think twice. I really feared it but loved it on another level.

My classmate said the movie was based off that same book but it was changed to be more “realistic.” I believe the book was as realistic as it gets. However, we must keep in mind that it was from the perspective of one particular climber. His side of the story sinks right into the heart of the moment.


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