College Day 50 – A New Start

(October 6, Tuesday)

This 50th day of college milestone marks a new change in the way I blog. Instead of describing every little detail possible throughout a day, I will now share either a particular experience, thought, goal, or lesson learned. I feel like my blogs will have more meaning in that instance.

So for a more clear representation of what I will be doing, this is what it will look like:

  • Today’s special experience:
  • Today’s intriguing thought: 
  • Today’s goal:
  • Today’s lesson learned:

As for today, I would right about my goal, which is to make this wonderful change to my blog. I would prefer to stick to only one aspect per blog, but if it happens that I have both a special experience and intriguing thought, I will try to share both.

Without further ado, here begins my exciting, new change of plans! I really think I will enjoy this more than what I have currently been doing. (Thanks to my roommate for influencing me to this point!)


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