College Day 48

(October 4, Sunday)

I had set my alarm for 10am. Haha. I woke up at 12pm. I went to brunch with my roommates and I ordered a French toast egg sandwich and a vanilla latte. I got my latte quickly and waited for at least 30 minutes for my sandwich. I finally told one of the guys and he said something along the line of “we’re low on eggs.” I waited another 5-10 minutes and then left. What in the world? I wasted 5 dollars on some delicious breakfast that I wasn’t going to get. And because I was tired, I was cranky. I mean, if you’re out of eggs at least tell the customers you’re out and don’t let them pay for nothing and wait for nothing.

I ended up not eating all day until 7pm. I couldn’t even finish my dinner. All I did today was sit around watching TV, playing card games, and procrastinating. I knew I had two essays to edit before 11:59pm. I only started slightly before dinner and turned in my essays 20 seconds before they were due. Talk about finger sweat.

I could’ve enjoyed my day more if I slept earlier, woke up earlier, and finished homework earlier. I still feel okay because I know I always finish what I need to do, no matter how stressed I am.


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