College Day 47

(October 3, Saturday)

Yesterday was an adventure (as I type this at 3:35am Sunday). First I woke up for my two hours of service and then went for lunch with my roommates at 11am. One of my roommate’s and his girlfriend decided to go to an art/cultural festival/outreach and they invited three of us to go with. Since I had nothing better to do and only had homework on my mind, it seemed like a great idea.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful down town Arizona was. It wasn’t too busy and the buildings and scenery were lovely. After we arrived we checked out what there was to do. We were told about the paintings on display, how they were done through a program called “Release the Fear.” Their mission is to “counter the effects of violence in our communities by turning fear, anger and hate into acceptance, hope and self-empowerment by bridging endless possibilities through the creative process.” So the art was not necessarily a mess full of paint, they were meaningful. The whole idea is to evolve better choices within kids, which is fantastic.

Next we went to another spot where we were taught how to make paper swans. We each made one and headed over to a guy with a handled bowl full of water. He said to put your hands in the water. Next he would take your hands and place them on the handles of the bowl. Still grasping your hands, he would make a back and forth motion which caused the bowl to vibrate. My friend was able to do it alone after his hands let go, but when I tried, I couldn’t do it! We tried for at least 5 minutes. The guy kept telling me to relax and feel for it, feel the sensation that the bowl gives as it vibrates your hands. I could feel it, I just couldn’t keep it going. I was too focused on moving my hands accordingly but every time he told me I was too tense or stressed (he asked if I had oil on my hands, which I doubt I did). I only could do it when his hands helped mine. To be honest, I kind of believe it reflects how you feel (either anxious or calm). It’s not magic, it’s psychological, and I believe that in a way.

We then saw a sign that mentioned an act or skit at 3pm. So we decided to wait and watch. It was contemporary dancing. I wasn’t amused. I was more curious and weirded out. I understood that there was a meaning behind it, I just couldn’t picture it all. Not my cup of tea, but it was well done for what it was.

After we started to leave there was a Brazilian percussion and dance group playing some of their songs. We watched for a bit and danced our own dance. Following that we headed to Michaels for crafts for our room because we wanted to decorate it!

We were hungry when we came back so we got our food and ate on the open field next to our dorm. We each said what we were enjoying so far in college and then had our roommate’s girlfriend teach us yoga for 30 minutes. Since we wanted to have an art day in our room, after eating our ice cream we headed back to get inspired through art.

And finally after a long, fabulous day, I sit here typing. All of my roommate’s and I played card games and decided to stay up late, super late. Oh I forgot to mention that I’m going to have to finish all my homework today… I’ve done no homework all week. Time to crank it out today. Good night, I guess?

TL;DR – I had a long adventure and procrastinated, again!


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