College Day 46

(October 2, Friday)

Today was rough waking up at 7 for an 8:25 class… We were given class time to work on our essays but I couldn’t focus in that environment of 50+ students. The whole day I had been thinking of the three essays due on Sunday, and my online course work. Every other week just sucks.

After I got tickets for a play, I ate lunch with another one of my high school friends. He and I hadn’t talked for some time about life so we decided to get lunch today. I really enjoy catching up and sharing bits and pieces of experiences and stories.

Later I was invited to hang out with my other high school friend to play card games with her and her roommate. We played for quite some time and then later went out so that they could buy ukuleles. As we headed back for dinner we passed by my whole crew of roommates and friends. I felt bad because we were going back to eat our dinner and they were going together for theirs. I really wanted to join them and my mood completely changed. I know I shouldn’t be so negative, I know I have plenty of time to hang out with others. I just have this fear of missing out, I want to go have fun, and when two fun situations present themselves I become conflicted.

Other than all that, I missed my workout today. Maybe I should try Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. The only problem is that I’ll need to start working on homework early. Hah, yeah right.


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