College Day 44

(September 30, Wednesday)

Today I woke up again with hardly any sleep. The past three nights have been completely awful… Classes were just lectures as usual.

I got back to my room and was bored out of my mind. The internet was slow and I was slowly getting a headache. My headache lasted for the rest of the day until around 7pm, closer to 8pm.

All I was really looking forward to was working out with my roommates. After dinner I went to hang out with my high school friend. I was having those same feelings of confusion and distress. I just needed to hang out with someone else for a bit. A while later my roommate texted me saying he sprained his ankle skateboarding. I ended up working out alone (yay, self-motivation).

That’s all for today. It’s 10:47pm and I think I should get some sleep. However, I’m still doubting I’ll sleep soundly tonight. Whatever, good night.


2 thoughts on “College Day 44

    1. I would say it depends on where you go. At first I was only intimidated by how classes would go. Other than that, I was alright with either not having friends or kind roommates. But it so happened that I got the greatest roommates possible. College isn’t for some people, however, I find it a great learning opportunity to get used to being independent.

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