College Day 42

(September 28, Monday) [the date on when this was published is about 2 or so hours off, including my older posts, because I’m currently in another state]

Oh the lucky number 42! Today was fantastic, simply fantastic. I had studied for hours for my psychology quiz this morning and I was more than pleased with how it turned out. Our professor told us that if everyone answered one question from the quiz we would all get an A on the quiz. And that is exactly what happened. Am I disappointed that I didn’t get enough sleep from wasting time studying? Yes. But I am happy that I got an easy A. I cannot describe how much I love my psychology professor!

I also took a little nap today to get that extra sleep. I was uncomfortable because I was lying on the ground. Nevertheless, twas a great nap.

I hadn’t done anything too exciting though. I watched a bit of TV and went to work out with my roommate in the new workout gym below our dorm. We were killin’ it. And now I’m sore, exhausted, and ready to go sleep.


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