Last Week-No.14

Last week went by super fast. I believe it had mostly to do with my psychology presentation on Friday, which I really did not have to worry about. It was a relaxed week, and I needed it.

I am very appreciative of my professors, no matter what their policy is. I am sure that wherever else I may have gone to college, I wouldn’t be saying the same thing. I also have come to realize how blessed I am with my roommates and college friends. I had set my expectations fairly low before the beginning of classes and so far I have been having the time of my life.

Aside from all of the busy work, I am glad I made the decision to come out here instead of sitting in my bedroom writing about what I could be doing with my life. College/school is something to keep me busy, something to keep me and my brain going. The less educated I am, the less happy I am. I take the time to appreciate even the little things in life that I have so far learned. Everything adds up and I aim to make the best story possible.

Analysis: Be eager to leave home and deal with the struggles of life. Taste the new experience so that you can say you did and survived.

Let’s see how this week plays out


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