College Day 40

(September 26, Saturday)

Yesterday, as you know, I woke up for my service hours. I had taken along my new blue pen and notebook. I figured I wouldn’t be using it for any of my classes, so I wanted to write anything personal in it. I just didn’t know what I wanted to write. I sat for a while thinking what I could possibly fill the notebook with.

I had no reason to think of a title either, I just started writing and the words started coming. Thought after thought, I began to create the title, “Filling The Empty Spaces.” The main idea is to question why we are so worried about starting something new (and relating it to my life goal). I only wrote two pages and it felt like I wrote a whole book.

At 1pm my friend wanted to eat lunch with me and then hang out. We got our lunch and headed to her room and watched the Amazing Spiderman. I had not seen it and was excited to see why so many people thought it was amazing. A little later I and her roommates decided to go shopping and then out to eat dinner. I finally got my longboard! We headed back and invited my roommate over to watch the Maze Runner and play some games. All in all, in was a really great day, and I became closer friends with her roommates.


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