College Day 39

(September 25, Friday)

Today I woke up early again for my first dreaded class and second dreaded class. Both were equally annoying today. English was just another waste of time discussing visual rhetoric. I get it. It’s just imagery without words. Move on.

In Psychology we had our presentations, turns out we weren’t the last group to go. I wasn’t really nervous, just a tad anxious. I do better in a group of around four anyway. Our timing was perfect and the activity was funny to say the least.

I quickly walked over to the mailing center because I knew how full it would get later. The line was long but only to the door. A few minutes later and people come pouring in. The package was some more dietary supplements for me to take. At least I won’t have to take four horse pills twice a day now.

So dorm-bound I go and find myself hanging around with my roommates, watching TV, grabbing lunch, grabbing ice cream, and grabbing dinner. TV and playing the ukulele was the main highlight of today, nothing new.

I got to thinking over the past two days, what if I were to actively write throughout my day? If I ever miss a day where I post about my daily life it becomes difficult to remember exactly what I did. And do I include names? I know that if I look back at each of these blogs I will stop and think, “Who was this person I mentioned?” I can tell you that has been one of the things I regret thus far. I may or may not do something about it, I just have to stay positive, trying my best to make memories.


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