College Day 37

Today I woke up. Today I wanted to go back to sleep. I was sOoOoo tired, I could barely keep my eyes open in classes. Every building is cold too, and walking to class with a sweatshirt looks weird because it’s always hot out.

I’m not complaining, I really do like it here. I am honest, I came here to avoid the cold, which I will inevitably meet again during Christmas break…

So I worked on my first group project today for Psychology. It went well, our group planned a time and place to meet and we all showed up. We have our individual parts for the presentation on Friday. If you were wondering, our topic is on meth. I learned quite a lot about it since I never really had a care to learn anything years ago.

Everyone has their own stories on certain subject matters and it is rather fascinating. That is probably one of the best parts about college: Learning when you want it most.

Overall, great day, even though it’s not midnight yet. I just wanted to write this now so I wouldn’t forget about my day.


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