College Day 36

(September 22, Tuesday)

Yesterday I was out of milk.. again. Our mart keeps running out of milk and I have no idea when they restock. I was also invited to go shopping at Target but I had a class during the time my friends went. We were also going to go to Walmart later but our driver felt sick.

The majority of my day yesterday was me being away from my computer, which was great. I got lunch with friends, listened to music, watched TV shows, talked.

Last night was the most interesting from the entire day. My friend from high school asked me to talk with her (it was around 11pm). So we spent about an hour talking about people, life, and college in general. After that I got back to my room at midnight and one of my roommates was still awake, so I stayed up for another hour. I only got 6 hours of sleep, but I enjoy taking the moments to have a little chat, no matter what it may be. It’s all about building those relationships.


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