College Day 34

(September 20, Sunday)

Yesterday I woke up early (although I got 8 hours of sleep) to get a head start on my rhetorical analysis essay. I was surprised at how quickly I was writing it. I felt so amazing that I took it slow and helped my roommates and some other friends with their papers.

I finished everything but my annotated reference list because I was still confused on about it. I figured I would leave it until later that night. 10pm came around and I realized how many points it was worth. Now I nervously and quickly had to finish it before 11:59pm. Luckily I found some decent articles for my topics…

Earlier that day I had gone swimming with two of my roommates and there was pretty much no one there. There was a couple swimming around together. However, I believe they were kissing more than they were swimming. And you’d think splashing water would be loud enough to not hear or see such a thing, but boy was I wrong.


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