The depressed

The depressed do not first deserve our prayers, they deserve our stories, experiences, and thoughts on depression. Sure you can begin to share your prayers with them, but why would you do that when you have so many more words at your disposal? You may be considerate enough to show concern through prayer, but if you have spent that time doing so, what greater opportunity do you have to actually give him/her the words they need to hear throughout their helpless days? We, individually, have our own unique stories with our own downfalls and struggles, but that does not mean our chapters cannot change. If you can let others know how you got through your depression, your prayers become much more valuable. Prayer is just a spark, but our stories are the fire, which guide others out of the dark tunnel. As I said before, we have our own story, it just takes a little bit of courage to know how and when to share it, no matter how ridiculous we may sound. I will keep in mind that helping others is completely voluntary, but having the urge to comment any concern is the right place to begin and to continue. With all hope, the depressed may create a new chapter in reference to ours. Thus, the stories we love to hear should carry on, without ceasing, without end.


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