College Day 32

(September 18, Friday)

Yesterday I woke up obviously not wanting to go to classes. We were given time to work on our rhetorical analysis essays in class, but I couldn’t write much of anything because my sociology essay was on my mind. I knew our professor said it would be graded by the next day (which was yesterday) and so I wanted to see what grade I got. I didn’t want to feel down because I was motivated to actually write later in the day.

I checked the grade on my essay and saw a 250/260. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I did it! I really find it hard to believe that I could have pulled something off like that. I understand what is all taught in our sociology class but sometimes I have trouble retaining all the information, so I have to review it. But most people have no problem with that and I was one of the select few to get an A? I understand writing is different than taking a quiz, but if you know what you’re talking about you really shouldn’t struggle too much.

So I had planned to spend the whole rest of the day writing but I got distracted. Our roommate should us his awesome art and how famous he became for a short while. it was UNBELIEVABLE. He basically has every art skill imaginable. I’m jealous, just a bit. He also has videos which are pretty much blogs in video form. But other than that, we all felt motivated to do something extraordinary together and get known for it.

I didn’t get to writing my essay till about 6pm, but I wrote as much as I could because I knew I had one more to write before Sunday.


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