College Day 31

(September 17, Thursday)

So I woke up early last morning having to read a bit of my Sociology. I totally anticipated the lecture we were going to have. I was actually more worried about our essay grades. I spent 8 hours… yes, 8 hours writing those 750 words on symbolic interactionism. It was difficult but rather helpful in my experience.

Our professor told us that the majority of everyone did fairly poor on the essays. So back to my room I go. I was motivated to spend the whole day finishing my other two essays due on Sunday. But remember, I had a sleepless night. Instead, I ended up spending hours sitting around and adding weird pictures to my snapchat.

I didn’t even get down one sentence for either essays. My roommates and I went to the country “dance” event that was happening outside. It was weird but fun to say the least.

As the night goes on, I eventually go to sleep. It was one of those times where I felt so ambitious and had many ideas on my mind. I got anxious to the point where I didn’t know if I would be able to fall asleep. Turns out I didn’t get much sleep, especially after the construction started working in the morning.


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