College Day 29

(September 15, Tuesday)

Yesterday I almost freaked out because our Sociology professor told us that some of our papers were bad by saying, “I don’t know if some of you are even in my class.” Luckily mine hadn’t been graded yet, so hopefully I’m not one of those people. I know I’m a decent writer, but I’m just not sure how well I did because I struggled through it. (After all I did spend 8 hours writing it out)

To get my mind off of things I played video games and did other homework. It’s ridiculous how much online homework I have compared to my actual classes. There is this certain online course that most freshmen have to take. EVERYONE hates it. All you really have to do is “bs” your way through, kind of like what I did throughout my entire high school years.

Anyway, I better get an early start on my next two papers due on Sunday…


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