College Day 28

(September 14, Monday)

Yesterday was quite interesting. We had one of our librarians come and talk about how we can find resources and references for our research papers. She was so prepared and knowledgeable that I believe she would’ve been a better ENG-105 teacher than our current one. After all, she does have her masters degree, and I just found out that you actually need a masters degree to even be a librarian.

Later last night my thoughts came across me again and it became difficult to explain myself to my roommates and friends. I wasn’t mad at my roommate for what happened, I just think of the moment and my reaction and how people would think in that situation. I came to the conclusion that I’m just a sensitive person… These feelings come and go. As of right now I am thinking, I could care less and I just need to man up. But last night I was in a totally different mindset. I suppose I just need to relax before I get homesick. I have to accept the struggle of life as is, because in the long run I’ll forget about the stupid little things I worried about before.


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