College Day 26

(September 12, Saturday)

Yesterday I woke up at 8am again (which I will every saturday until February) for my 2 hours of service. Again it was exactly how I expected: get into groups, discuss possible things to do with the students, wait until students come. Every time, no students come. So, I sit for 2 hours listening to music and playing YouTube videos on my phone. But yesterday bothered me most because I knew I had a paper to finish before Sunday and I had just realized that I had other online homework to work on. I could’ve brought my laptop but nope! Another 2 hours wasted.

So after my “service” hours, I finished my homework and my roommates/friends set our room up for my roommate’s girl friend’s birthday party! We had a fun time eating, listening to music, playing truth or dare, and playing “never have I ever.”

After we got bored we decided to go outside. We messed around like that other night, doing crazy stunts and pretending to be cheerleaders and what not. Some girls ended up walking over and questioning us. I told them, “We like to express ourselves through dancing.” It was funny because we weren’t even dancing and I look at my roommate and saw him laugh silently without them seeing his reaction. One of the girls responded, “Can we express ourselves too?” No one else responded to that question but I was just dying inside laughing… As they walked away I yelled out, “You can come dance with us whenever you want!”

Oh what another fantastic night in college!


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