College Day 25

(September 11, Friday)

Yesterday, we knew what was coming. The Psychology quiz. I purposefully set my alarm 30 minutes earlier so that I could study quickly before my English class. Since I already took two classes in high school which were harder than this ENG-105 course, I studied my psychology through the whole class. I felt better after doing that.

9:50 came around and I was sitting in Psychology class. Luckily it wasn’t just a take-the-quiz-and-leave. She went over the actual quiz in hand. I kid you not, she read and asked every question on the quiz before she handed it out. I felt sooooo relieved. We even went over the short answer question but I missed it and had to come up with an answer.

Anyway, before we started the quiz she bought donuts for all of us and offered one to each of us. I decided to wait after I was done the quiz so I could focus. After being the 2nd to last one done in the class to leave, my professor told me I could be the “donut man” and handed me a whole donut box (I accepted it of course). OH, I almost forgot, I handed her my quiz before the whole donut thing and she reviewed it and said I got 100% I just couldn’t believe it… After all of that worrying and anticipation I had done it. I got 100% and got donuts.

Later that night my roommates and I decided to go outside and play in the fake grass. We were all crazy and slightly exhausted, but we had fun dancing around and making a fool of ourselves (maybe that was just me).


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