College Day 24

(September 10, Thursday)

Yesterday I was nervous for both Sociology and Psychology. I only had Sociology that day but I knew I had the Psychology quiz on Friday. I knew what I was going to do. I had a plan set up for study time.

Now we know how I am with planning, right? I thought, I’ll study here and there, on and off. I ended up studying for about 30 minutes and then playing video games or getting distracted by TV and then going out to eat with friends, talking with friends. I then decided at around 7-8pm that I would finally study until bed time (I had like 2 hours until 10, which was a good time to sleep).

Well out of the blue my friend from high school texted me saying that my other friend from the college next door would be coming over to play soccer… I wasn’t aware of him coming until then. So I was told he’d arrive in 30 minutes, which I waited for anxiously, without studying. By that time it was about 9 or closer to 10pm.

We were just going to kick the ball around in the intramural net. There were people playing frisbee, football, and soccer on the other side. So we had one net for the three of us. BUT WAIT. Some soccer guy came over and told us to move the net to the other side to play some quick soccer (forgot the actual term for it). Now I was devastated… I told my friends I wouldn’t play long because I had to study. We played intensely for an hour and 30 minutes. I got back to my room at 11:40pm without my keys so I had to wait for my roommate to be texted by my other roommate to let me in…

I studied close to 1am and then went to sleep. I figured I’d wake up at 7am, get ready for English, study, go to English, study during the entire class, then head to my Psychology class for the quiz.


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