Last Week-No.11

I have no excuse to have missed writing this on Sunday… Anyway, I believe that last week as week number 2 was really successful. I made some friends in my classes, and I also enjoy my professors.

Unfortunately, my English professor is hard to hear because we’re in an air conditioned building which happens to be really loud. I just don’t pay attention to what she says and just read the projector screen.

Psychology is fun because of how outgoing our professor is. We’ve done many fun group activities to help us understand the basics of psychology such as the brain, interaction, and neurons.

Sociology is interesting but it will take me some time to memorize every little detail of the social world. I understand it but if I am put on the spot I will make myself look bad.

Analysis: Classes are great, I just have to participate a little more.

Let’s see how this week plays out


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