College Day 21

(September 7, Monday)

Yesterday was very much anticipated. I kept thinking I had classes when in reality I didn’t. I got to sleep in and enjoy the fact that I finished my homework even though I procrastinated.

I passed the time by playing video games and what not. During the evening my roommate had heard about a pool party so we decided to go 20 minutes early. I don’t know why but they wanted to go to the other pool because it had a hot tub. So we went and I coincidentally met my high school friend there. We talked a bit about college and how things are going.

I’m not 100% sure on how he is doing. I only end up hearing from other friends about him. We did have a long talk before classes started about being yourself and not letting others (negatively) influence you. You have to be who you are, to find out who you are and not find someone else to pawn off of. I think he’s just trying to impress.. It’s like in his mind it is a necessity or a requirement to get off well in life.

I disagree only because I live my life as a pessimist. I enjoy the emotional pain because it gives me something to talk about, to share with others. My goal in life is to help at least one person get through their struggles, through their depression. It’s because I got through depression on my own, no help, no tissues. I want to be that helping hand, I want to be those words that are honest, reliable, and helpful…


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