College Day 17

(September 3, Thursday)

Yesterday was uneventful, really. I went to sociology class and back to my room, ate my left over pizza and sat around all day until my friend back from school texted me. We got to talk for quite a while and decided to go get some dinner.

After spending some time in our dorm we wondered if we should go to the “speed friending” event at 8pm. I had a feeling it would be really awkward but we went anyway. It was one of those events where you get to meet a bunch of people but then end up forgetting everything that night. All I remember are faces so it will be difficult remembering their major, where they came from, their name.

To be honest, any event where the goal is to make friends turns out to feel kind of forced. It may all be interesting but I’d rather get to know someone out of the blue.

At least I got out of my room and did something.


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