College Day 16

Today wasn’t much of anything. I sat in my English 105 class not paying attention because it was mostly about logos, pathos, and ethos, all of which I learned about in high school. All I really need to know in the class is when papers are due and what format I need and what I have to write about. Starting that whole process is a pain but it has to be done, and I know I can do it.

The second class was psychology. We talked about the brain, just the basic parts and how they relate. I didn’t know you could actually live with just one hemisphere of your brain. Our brain makes up for the other half and tries to compensate.

Oh and speaking of writing, I have to take a stand on any issue I want and write about it. It took at least an hour or so just to think of what I wanted to write about. I finally decided to write about General Anxiety Disorder. I know the subject matter might not be my expertise but I am willing to learn more because I know I have anxiety, just maybe not as extreme as it could be. However, I do get anxious over things I never should be anxious about.


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