College Day 15

Today I only had one class: sociology. We had a quiz which took the majority of the time (aside from the lecture). Luckily every quiz we take will be open book and open notes. However, the stupid part is that we cannot use the internet… which is where I keep my notes. I ended up having to copy paste the book and my notes onto Word. It worked and I probably got 100% on the quiz.

The main part of my day consisted of preparing and anticipating the audition that my friend and I were taking part in. She is a theater major and I’m an English Lit. major so I’ve told every clearly that I am not good at acting, nor do I enjoy the pressure. But from the bottom of my heart I wanted to help her so we came up with our little skit and practiced many times today. The scheduled time was 4pm but we sat for an hour waiting for our turn.

The judge, or instructor, was very great. His perspective on acting is rather incredible (I know I don’t know much of acting, but it was interesting). So after we finished our audition we relaxed and waited for the calling list. This night she got a message that they were posted near the arena. We both ran over to the arena, both exhausted, and found the paper on the wall. We searched and spotted her name but didn’t find mine.

I didn’t make it. I don’t care though because I’m not going into theater and I just wanted to help her out. I did it. I accomplished what I hoped for. She was really excited and thankful for my help. She also said I did great for not being an actor.

Overall, a fantastic, successful day in the 2nd week of college.


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