College Day 14

(August 31, Monday)

Yesterday my first class was English. It is located in one of the newest buildings made too. However, the air conditioning was off, and I don’t think it was just our room too. It was great, we only had 10 minutes of class and my next class was in an hour!

I was a little nervous for psychology (my next class). Everyone seems to get it better than me, they’re all participating by answering, and asking questions. It’s not that they’re smarter than me, it’s just that they have a different thinking process. I do understand what is being taught, my problem is that I don’t retain everything instantly. It takes time for me to learn even the most basic concepts.

Unfortunately, most conversations end up steering towards politics, history, or something medical related; all of which I lack in knowledge. So, when it is time to learn, I sit back and listen. I am smarter when I listen and shut up, because I usually make myself look stupid. It is rather disappointing these days that it is how you look on the outside that determines who you are and not how you look on the inside. I feel like that happens to me too many times. I don’t know.

Last night I really worried about the auditions which were the 31st of August and today, the 1st of September. We haven’t practiced enough and we’ll be performing at 4:00 pm tonight. You can bet I will be taking my anxiety drops today.


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