College Day 13

(August 30, Sunday)

Yesterday I spent a lot of time playing video games. It really aggravated me and made me depressed. I can’t stand online competitive gaming. There must be some part of me that wants to prove its worth when it comes to competing. However, knowing that I am not the best is humbling.

I felt reassured because I knew my roommates and I would do some running later last night. We ran and I sprinted around the track. It took a toll on me and I felt horrible through the night till the morning.

Other than that, my roommates/friends and I that night were in our living area. I opened our window and yelled out, “Oh what a day, what a lovely day!” Then from the corner some guy on his long-board rode by, looked up, and replied back, “What a lovely day indeed!” I couldn’t believe it. It was so unexpected and funny, I turned to my friends and started laughing. That is the sort of thing that I enjoy in life; the moments when I expect no response and receive one. Expecting the unexpected is simply fantastic sometimes.


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