College Day 11

(August 28, Friday)

It was nice to finish up classes and just sit around watching TV. I didn’t really want to do anything else. We were all having a good time and chatting about stuff.

Shortly before some of us went to sleep, we heard that some people were stuck in the elevator. Of course we went to go check it out but nothing became of it. We started heading back to our room and I decided to sprint down the hallway. My roommate was up ahead and I was coming closer a little bit to his left side. Seconds before I get near him he jumps a little bit and I somehow lost my footing, causing me to fall and slide across the carpeted floor. Next thing I know we’re all laughing on the ground and the left lower side of my thumb had been rug-burned.

Instantly it started bleeding, hurting, and throbbing. I left it under hot water for a while and later but a bandaid on.

The throbbing, constant pain never went away, even as I lay in bed. I had to think of more painful things than I could imagine. It only worked for a while because nerves don’t lie, you can’t ignore them.

It was all funny, but sometimes having fun can unknowingly come at a price.


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