College Day 10

(August 27, Thursday)

It was like a repeat of Wednesday except I was almost everywhere at once. Woke up, read for 2 hours, went to class, came back and wanted to eat lunch. I waited until 3-ish till I went for lunch. As I walked I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go to Walmart at 3:30. I needed to go to pick up my new glasses, so back I went, skipping lunch.

We got to Walmart, I got my glasses rather quickly and then figured we’d be there a while. I bought a slim sweatshirt, sweats, and a large t-shirt. I got a bit nervous when it started raining (everyone could hear the storm above) but I don’t know why I did. I finished paying for my clothes and waited for the others. I sat down on a bench and listened to music while I waited.

Within a few minutes I saw an older man with long, straggly, dirty hair and a ripped shirt. He also had a few tattoos which were quite interesting. He sat fairly close to me and starting asking me a question, but I didn’t know he was trying to get my attention. He waved and I took out my ear buds to hear him. “Hey, do you have any spare change for food?” Somewhat shocked and frightened, I felt the words slip out of my mouth, “Sorry.” I put my ear buds back in and drowned in my thoughts. What have I done? I just recently saw a video about helping those in need, but now I feel guilty. I saw the man leave with a cart full of stuff, I couldn’t make out what he had.

Last night was more interesting, to me at least. I was asked to help a friend with her audition on Tuesday because her partner left. Two people was the requirement and my friends suggested that I help. Instantly my pity and anxiety kicked in. I wanted to help, but I realized how horrible I was at acting. I do improv. Not forced acting nor forced improv. Since she was stressing over it, I kindly and without words, willingly offered to help. I thought twice about it, that maybe this could be a great experience for me.


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