College Day 8

Today and tonight was quite fun. I went to my sociology class at 11:00am and found it just by a hair. I’m not expecting to be great at the class but I do look forward to it.

(I just got interrupted while typing this–I noticed I had blood streaming down my right hand. I didn’t feel any pain when I got cut by the ironing board. Yes, I was running down the dorm hallway with an ironing board in my right hand while my friends videoed me.)

Most of my day was spent face-palming how much reading I have to do. I’m not the fastest reader either. I know I want to learn, but often times I would rather learn by ear than trying to cram it all in my head by reading words.

Well, this night was lovely, had some laughs, some talks, some music. I’m hoping the days don’t fly…


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