College Day 7

(August 24, Monday)

It was the first day of classes! My professors are fantastic and my classmates likewise. I can’t wait for more great times in my classes. I know the assignments will be rough, but the class itself won’t shut me down.

(Also, every day trying to get lunch is annoying. I have to stand in line for at least 20 minutes to get my food. If I don’t get food with my card I end up wasting that money at the end of the year.)

Last night was really weird. I went swimming with my friends and then went out to get food. I bought a vanilla latte and we headed back to the room to watch a movie. I kept sipping the coffee (on an empty stomach) without ever putting it down. Sooner or later I started to be unresponsive. It was odd because beforehand I had starting typing about coffee and had these deep ideas. Nevertheless, I freaked out my roommates because I didn’t respond for at least an hour or even more.

In all honesty, the coffee gave me this urge to not say a word nor react. I do recall having an espresso a few years ago and going crazy in the house (and later getting depressed). However, last night was different. Some thought I was acting, I felt like I was at first, but then after, I just didn’t care, and couldn’t move.

After all that craziness, I was shaking and still not talkative. We all went to sleep and I started having depressing thoughts… I suppose I have some explaining to do.


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