College Day 2

Classes haven’t started yet, but I think I’m ready for them. This week I’ve had free time on campus, but most of the time I’ve been figuring out how I should spend that time.

There are too many opportunities and I’m not used to it yet. I make one choice and miss out on another and inevitably feel regret. I know I shouldn’t, I just want to make it a great year for myself and make a lot of friends. I’m sure there are many who don’t want to just sit in their dorm absent from friendship and activity. I have to not be afraid and just go do stuff.

I suppose I was expecting this transition to turn out this way. Nevertheless, I like the freedom and the newness it brings.

It’s ironic, I feel like I have nothing to do. I’ve said this before during high school, I’m ready for classes to begin because it gives me something to do. I didn’t retain much information during my middle school years, so since the last years of high school and today I have been ready to learn. If it makes sense, I’m more of a cognitive person. It’s like I retain more knowledge on my own rather than being taught, face to face.

Anyway, today was the last day I would spend time with my parents. Tomorrow I say goodbye and start the transition for real. Living on my own will be quite awkward at first, but I just have to slap myself in the face to remind me to man up.


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